Final Paper Confirmation  

In order to ensure the smooth publication, each author should keep in touch with conference secretary to submit the qualified paper and confirm the camera ready.


  • After registration, you need to submit your revised final paper to the conference mailbox:

  • The final paper should be with both doc and pdf version.

  • Paper should be revised by following the template and review comments.

IEEE Conference Paper Formatting Checklist

1)Please confirm that you have used the correct template for your paper, which is supposed to be downloaded from the conference website or provided by the organizer.
 2)The template is tailored for output on the US-Letter paper size. Make sure the parameters of Page Layout are all set up correctly based on required criteria.
模板专为 US-Letter 纸张尺寸的输出而定制,请确保页面布局的所有参数均根据所需标准正确设置,包括纸张,页边距,纸张,文档网格
    3)Please make sure all the components, including the Paper Title, Author, Affiliation, Abstracts, Keywords, Headings, Body text, Table head, figure caption, references, follow the correct styles. All text fonts, font sizes, margins, column widths, line spaces, and text fonts conform with the template.
请确保论文中的所有组成部分, 包括论文标题、作者、单位、摘要、关键词、标题、正文、表格标题、图标题、参考文献都遵循正确的样式。所有文本字体,字体大小、边距、列宽、行间距和文本字体均与模板相符。
 4)Please delete the ‘Identify applicable funding agency here. If none, delete this text box’ font box on the left side down at the bottom if there is no applicable funding agency about your paper.
    5) Please make sure that you have deleted the Author Information Form at the end of your final paper if any.